Heyyyy! Welcome to HelloBlackChild.com! My name is Gabrielle, but most people know me as "@Localblackchild". I am a full time student and a content creator on Youtube! I use my channel to make people laugh and lift their spirits, but most importantly to uplift girls around the world. I am passionate about helping girls feel beautiful inside and out while reminding them of their worth.


Recently, I was not feeling so beautiful. I was told that my image was "ghetto" and "unprofessional" because I enjoy wearing long nails, hoop earrings, and dramatic lashes. After listening to the opinions of others, I felt so bad about myself. I even began to believe that maybe they were right. But after some thought, I picked myself up and told myself to never let anyone sway my opinion about my own image or self-worth. After this experience, I decided to create "Hello Black Child LLC".


“Hello Black Child LLC” is a beauty and apparel brand that embraces black culture and urban fashion with confidence. We provide quality and affordable pieces for girls on a global scale. While our choice of style is often labelled as "ghetto" and "tacky", the purpose of this collection is to help girls of color realize that the community we are apart of is trendsetting, beautiful and unique. 


My message to other girls around the world is that, you don’t have to take on the opinions of others. Your style, your personality, and your “black” is beautiful.